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In the year 2010, I felt lead to start Sunday's Monday as a self-help in my bible studies. I see God's word, I read God's word then I write God's word which helps me to retain and understand my study. After only two printings I felt lead to share my revelations with others. My only known outlet was email or so I thought, so I used email for three years or so. Then in late 2013 my cousin sent me an email suggesting that I use Facebook in order to reach more people, "so here I am." Sunday's Monday is created to open one's gateway to thought and stimulate a desire to know more. My first description went like this; Am I the same person Monday through Saturday that people see on Sunday? Welcome to Monday, It’s the beginning of a brand-new week filled with plenty of opportunities to witness those things which I profess and learned in church yesterday. I pray that all would experience the love of a church family and join them regularly to celebrate and give thanks for the goodness’s of God. 

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