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I was in a conversation this week when God gave me the thought of whitewashing. I began thinking of whitewash as a means of making something more appealing than it naturally is. Google Dictionary defines whitewash as, paint (a wall, building, or room) with whitewash. 2- deliberately attempt to conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about (someone or something). "most sources prefer to ignore or whitewash the most disturbing aspect of such reports." At this point, I ask God where He was going with this inspiration, what do you want me to write on this page? To which the words led in this direction.

All people have had their thinking and beliefs whitewashed, although some have partially recovered from it, there are many more continuing to live whitewashed. You see, whitewashing starts at birth with the parents catering to all those cries of I want from the baby and extends on with family and friends covering the hard truths of life with those little white lies, under the guise of protecting the little one’s feelings. As well the world’s media now plagues the airways with propaganda, filling it with half-truths and whole lies. I mustn’t forget today’s churches and the fact that many are softening the truth within God’s Word to the point of commands being mere suggestions and revelations simple advice. Sadly, the nature of people (no matter the period) is to desire the path of least resistance, we are drawn into the simplistic teachings, filled with people-pleasing insinuations confirming we have arrived. Far too many pulpits over-play Matthew 25:23 (ESV), His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master. A great number of Christians desire this bit of comfort so much that they choose to stop right here and live whitewashed lives. They become incapable of recognizing the raw truth, as the only truth. Looking back, as you were growing up, were you not taught the difference between a little white lie and a bald-faced lie. The little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s those bald-faced lies that hurt others to cover something you’ve done wrong that God hates. Spoiler alert! A lie is a lie!

As Paul Harvey would say, “now for the rest of the story.” Just as many pulpits over emphasize Matthew 25:23 they often underemphasize Matthew 25:26 (ESV), But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? This parable has nothing to do with the coin it speaks of lifestyle, and I missed it. My pastor said something to me one morning that was a bomb to my whitewashed excuse of not having enough bible knowledge to share Jesus with others. During our time together my pastor said, “I don’t believe God is as concerned with how much of the bible you know, as He is with, what you’re doing with the bible you know. That was 24 years ago, and I remember it like yesterday. I learned to meditate a lot on who I was, who I am, and who God wants me to become. The who I was is fascinating to look back on, as I can see “now” from an adult Christian’s view the whitewashing involved throughout my life. The world taught me to whitewash what I didn’t like about myself. My parents unknowingly raised a spoiled self-centered man, who whitewashed everything. It became a curse that I asked Jesus to remove. Jesus put a light on my whitewashing my words, my actions, and my concealment of all the torment that was raging inside me. Jesus made things quite simple for me to allow Him to teach me how to fix what He found.

Do yourself a great favor and read Matthew 25:31-46 to better understand how the complicated word of God can be simplified without the need for sugar coating or whitewashing. It is extremely important to know that everyone you meet has been whitewashed and it is equally important to know that you currently hold a brush. The question is, do you wish to remain a part of the problem? This culture trap isn’t going to end till Jesus returns, that’s the truth, but we can rise above it. As the truth received in love is usually bittersweet, however the bitter will soon wear off, as the heart receives its message. Proverbs 3:12 (ESV), for the Lord, reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights. You don’t have to be brutal or hurtful to be lovingly honest with others “however” you definitely need to be prayed up and assured by God that this is His will for you, before proceeding.

Lord: I pray that we will all learn to rely on you for the raw truth that sets one free, brings peace to the heart, and renews the spirit. May we know that it is as important to receive a reproof from you through others, as it is to give God’s reproof to others. Teach us the difference between sugar coating and speaking in your love. I pray your will for us all and I ask for the grace to trust in that will. Amen


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