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Something new and I pray interesting has been added to Sunday’s Monday. I will post this midweek addition Thursday of each week. It is a bible study tool which has helped me to learn more of who I am in Jesus and where Jesus is in my life “today!” I use it each week for personal examination of my spiritual health as well I draw nearer to God in our relationship. I pray that you will enjoy participating in this as much as I do.

Refreshing Bible Study!

How it works: There are 5 chapters to read from a selected book of the bible for the week. One chapter is selected to be the focal chapter of which our focus scripture is drawn. Then there are two questions that have to be answered and the a short prayer to close the study.

Step 1- Weekly scripture reading, 5 preselected chapters

Step 2- Study focal chapter, 1 preselected chapter of concentration

Step 3- First question to be answered; Why did this verse or verses engage me

Step 4- Second question to be answered; How will this revelation change my life

Step 5- Prayer of gratitude and purpose; what ever God puts in your heart

“FYI” It is important that you write your study on paper, for future reference and memory retention.

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