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I feel really good at this moment because God just gave me confirmation of something I’ve been saying and talking to Him about for years. It involves the famously overused statement, “I’m TRYING!” Which I detest almost as much as I do the phrase WHATEVER! Think about it for a second and tell me what does, “I’m trying” means. I turned to to see the answer in today's language and here it is; “Try”: An extremely versatile word used by the lazy man to express one of the following: "trying to", "trying the", or "trying a". Ergo,; “Try”: to attempt to do or accomplish: an attempt or effort. They both sound pretty much equal in that Urban Dictionary, used lazy and used attempt. In my way of thinking, attempt is a neutral or lukewarm word and we all know what God thinks of lukewarm. Every time we use the word, we’re “announcing it didn’t get our best! My confirmation came through a video titled You Don’t Win By Trying - authored by Craig Groeschel. When we say I’m trying we admit to giving a half-hearted effort, based on weak intentions, and of little to no interest to us. Everyone knows that excuses are much less painful than the results of doing well. Jesus knew this and inspired Apostle Paul to warn us of such in 1 Corinthians 9:24 (ERV), You know that in a race all the runners run, but only one runner gets the prize. So run like that. Run to win! Remember, if God asked you to do something He has empowered you to finish well.

Pastor Craig stated, “Great leaders, athletes, and successful people don’t try, they train to attain.” As written in 1 Corinthians 9:25 (ERV), All who compete in the games use strict training. They do this so that they can win a prize - one that doesn’t last. But our prize is one that will last forever. If you're truly in it to win it you train long and hard, forsaking the pain, fatigue, and distractions that commonly accompany a strict decisive schedule. We are all God’s work in process and He is continually engaged in molding us into that which is pleasing to Him. God speaks in the KJV of try in many different passages, try was used for our word test. God doesn’t try, He does it! When I look at myself, I can see how I sometimes use the word try when I’m “in fact” working diligently toward the resolution. This is simply a residual side effect left from the weakness of my past when I was a lazy excuse-maker filled with good intentions that were not to be realized as accomplishments. Re-read 1 Corinthians 9:24-25. Get it?

However, when I surrendered what I thought was all to Jesus my attitude started to change especially when God started showing me how much of life I had missed out on. I had spent years trying to win with a failing attitude and a halfhearted effort. I would say I’m trying to do better when in fact I was satisfied with where I was because it was comfortable there. But God had other plans for me such as loving to learn, being excited about challenges, and being ready to meet new people. Crowds used to kill me because I was always out of place with my differences but God showed me that these differences were now a tool for bringing Him into the lives of others. God has been training me all my life but over the last 26 years, He has shown me how to strength-train in His positives to overcome the flaws in my weaknesses. The first couple of things that I see and have been working on is learning that in the early days, God used the word try in place of test. Read Judges 7:4 (KJV) and then read it in (ERV), or the (AMP). Now that changed everything in my mind when I was challenged with testing. No one that I know likes to flunk a test of any type. This brought me to the place of desiring to hear God’s voice announcing over me that which is written in Matthew 25:23 (ERV), “The master answered, ‘You did right. You are a good servant who can be trusted. You did well with a small amount of money. So, I will let you care for much greater things. Come and share my happiness with me.’

Father God, I pray this will help those on the fence to get off on your side. This is little more than resolving to commit to and believe in you. Once we allow you to give our intentions life, we will find the passion and faith to follow through. Thank you for your reminder in 1 Corinthians 10:15 (ERV), You are intelligent people. Judge for yourselves the truth of what I say now.

Hopefully, this will keep us in our lane, and know nothing we can ever do will ever be more than you will ask. Abba, I don’t want to try to love you more, I’m going to love you more. I speak this prayer overall, in confidence and purpose. Thank you, Father. Amen




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